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Amazon Prime Day Shopping Tips

5 Tips To Make The Most Out of The Shopping Season Without Going Broke

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Quarter four of every year is known for being the time where we spend the most amount of money on shopping.

Americans spend an average of $900 on shopping during this time of the year.

Due to the huge discounts and deals (prime deal, black Friday, etc), the majority of us are incentivized to make the purchase before it’s gone. Or maybe there is the item that you’ve always wanted to buy but the price tag was a little too much.

The deep discounts are really attractive, especially for the timing of these events. It could easily empty your pockets, or worse, you end up broke.

Thankfully, we have got a couple of prime thoughts (see what I did there) on how to maximize this year’s Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the other events without breaking the bank and maybe even save some money

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1. Stack Your Cashback Rewards and Get a $10 Bonus

Some rewards portals will give you extra cashback just by clicking on the Amazon link and completing the purchase using their link. And one of these portals is BeFrugal, which also gives you a $10 sign bonus. By using BeFrugal, you can stack your cashback rewards and depend on the bargain you’re going for, it can end up saving you a lot of money on your Amazon purchases. 

2. Use Money-Saving Tools

Sifting through the best Amazon deals is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why using money-and-time-saving tools are necessary when you’re hunting for bargains.

Honey: Honey is a chrome extension that comes in handy in such situations. Not only does it automatically find and apply coupons at the checkout page, but it will also compare rates and shipping benefits with other sellers of the same item so you can know when there’s a better deal elsewhere. Additionally, Honey tracks the price history of the products to make sure if it is the best time to make the sale or not. You can also get rewards in the form of points that you can redeem for Amazon gift cards. 

Amazon’s Phone Apps: This is a perfect resource by Amazon to stay on top of your shopping, especially around this time. The app allows alerts you about deals for items on your watchlist right when they happen with push notifications to your phone. You can even scan barcodes or take pictures of products to compare prices. And if you find that Amazon has a better price, you can buy the commodity right away. 

The Camelizer: Or previously known as CamelCamelCamel. This chrome extension is hands-down the best Amazon price tracker. You can list an item for tracking, and it will give you a line chart of the pricing trends of that item. Another great feature is the ability to set notification via email and twitter for when the price is at its lowest.

3. Use Amazon's Trade-In For Gift Cards

You got a college textbook that you don’t need, or some old electronics (phones, tablets, games) collecting dust? Then, you should check out Amazon’s Trade-In service to see if they are worth some money. The free shipping makes it even easier to get some Amazon gift cards that you can use during and after Prime Day. 

4. Start Decluttering

The one old school method of making money is selling stuff. Hustlers like you and I are getting plenty of extra cash selling things that you might not even think of seeling. You can have an old fashion garage sale or list it on Craiglist. 

But the most hassle-free way is to sell it online. Decluttr is the app we like because of its practicality.

You can sell CDs, books, clothes, shoes, electronics. You name it. All you got to do is scan the barcode of the item on the apps. Get the price, and if you like it, wrap it in a box and ship it for free.

5. Cash Out On The Gig Economy Boom

The gig economy is booming right now, and I’m not only talking about food delivery gigs. Several apps will pay you to do a wide array of things, from delivering groceries to driving people around to renting your car or a room, you have many choices.

To make the most out of Prime Day and the entire Q4, you need a little income boost, and these apps will help make at least an extra $1000 a month.

  • Postmates: Deliver groceries, food, and pretty much anything.
  • GetAround: rent your car out for passive income. 

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Quick Summary

Here’s a quick recap of the best ways to make the most out of Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and to maximize this entire period without going broke shopping.

  1. Make sure you get the free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime to be eligible for Prime Day discounts.
  2. Use BeFrugal to get cashback on your purchases.
  3. Use Honey, Amazon App, and Camilizer to find the best deals.
  4. Try Trade-In to get Amazon gift cards. 
  5. Decluttr unused stuff.
  6. Use the gig economy. 
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