The Best Coupon Websites to Save The Most Money (Up to 50% Off)

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the best coupon websites to save the most money (up to 50% off)

Using coupons has always been the go-to method to save hundreds of dollars shopping.

In this post, I round up the best coupon websites and how you can use them to save the most money.

Let’s dive right in.

What Are The Best Coupon Sites?

Below is the complete list of the best coupon sites. You can jump to read our review of each website.

1. Capital One Shopping

2. Swagbucks

3. Ibotta

4. FetchRewards

5. Amazon Coupons



8. RetailMeNot

9. Hip2Save

10. The Krazy Coupon Lady

11. Honey

12. CouponCause

13. Don’tPayFull

14. Frugaa

15. Wirecutter Deals

But in the few next sections of the article, we’ll dive into the things you need to know and consider before you start scouring the web and using these websites to find you the best deals.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

Things to Know Before Start Couponing

Before you embark on your quest for online coupons, there are a few best practices to keep in mind if you want to make the most out of your couponing habit. And no, this doesn’t include sifting through trash cans and dumpsters to find them.

Focus on what’s important

Rule number one: not every coupon is a good coupon. Make sure you only go for the coupons you actually need and use. You’ll miss out on many more essential things by stocking up on mouthwashes.

Make a list

The best way to get ahead on your shopping goals is to make a list of the items you need or regularly use. This practice can help you figure out what to go for and plan your shopping trips around available offers.

Use Shopping Portals

You may have heard of or even used some of these shopping portals like Rakuten and Swagbucks. Using them can help you save money hassle-free. But with so many offers and rewards, it gets confusing.

To solve this problem, you need to pick the top 5 or 10 stores that you shop at the most. Once you do that, use to compare shopping portals so you can find out which portal offers the highest reward.

This way, you can save time and get organized.

App Stacking

One easy way to double your rewards is by taking advantage of cashback apps.

Here’s the deal: some apps will pay you for making certain purchases. Some pay more than others, but the good news is that you can take advantage of all of them.

The two apps we recommend are Ibotta and FetchRewards. You can simply take pictures of your receipts using these apps and see if you qualify for cashback.

Not bad.

Stay up to date

The mistake I see people make when they try to get coupons and save money shopping is that they quickly forget about their rewards and do not take advantage of them until they expire.

To avoid that, you need to sign up for your favorite stores’ point-based loyalty programs. You’ll most likely give your email in exchange, but you can set up a separate email just for your reward programs.

You can also use a tool like to track your rewards and loyalty programs and keep them in check.

The final piece of this puzzle is to find and add coupons to your shopping reward stack. To help you do that, here’s a list of the best coupon websites online.

The 15 Best Coupon Websites

If you need more money going to your bottom line, then these coupon websites below will help you rack up some extra bucks, alleviate some shopping expenses, and have more wiggle room in your budget.

1. CapitalOne Shopping

CapitalOne Shopping Coupon website

CapitalOne Shopping is a free browser extension that automatically compares prices and checks for available coupons while shopping online.

The way it works is simple.

All you need to do is install the extension on your Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge browser, and Capital One will notify you when they find any drop in price or a coupon on the item.

Additionally, CapitalOne Shopping lets you earn credits on your purchases from thousands of retailers like Walmart, which you can redeem later for free gift cards.

Capital One doesn’t include shipping fees when scanning the web for coupons, loyalty programs, and other perks when shopping online. So you need to watch out for the shipping fee when comparing prices using this browser extension.

Overall, if you want an automated coupon-finding tool with little to no work on your part, CapitalOne Shopping is your best bet.

2. Swagbucks

swagbucks rewards site

Swagbucks is one of my favorite sites, ever.

The concept of Swagbucks is straightforward. You can earn points (called SBs) for doing several online activities such as shopping through their online portal, taking online surveys, playing games, referring your friends, and more.

You can print out coupons to use in stores or get cashback and points towards gift cards.

If you want more SBs, you simply need to complete more of their tasks. To top it off, they are offering a $10 sign-up bonus.

Pretty cool.

3. Ibotta

ibotta coupons app

Ibotta is one of the best apps for cashback and coupons that require zero involvement on your part. You can get cash back for just purchasing the item. Sometimes you need to complete a small task before receiving your money, like watching a short clip or snapping a picture of your receipt.

Ibotta works with thousands of retailers, and you can get rebates and coupons from grocery shopping, as well as a few other sectors.

The way I, and so many people like to use this app is by planning our shopping trips around what Ibotta has to offer. This way, you are guaranteed to maximize the amount of money you can save and still get the items you planned on purchasing.

A little too extreme, I know, but it works like magic. Did I mention that Ibotta is also offering a $10 sign up bonus?

So, take a moment to download the app.

4. FetchRewards

While you’re at it, why not double-dip Ibotta with FetchRewards and really make the most out of shopping?

I like FetchRewards because, unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to watch videos or complete a survey to qualify for a rebate. The only thing you have to do is to take a picture of your receipt.

That’s literally it.

Then, FetchRewards will scan your purchases and see if it matches any coupons or discounts they have. Besides taking pictures of your receipts, FetchRewards is pretty much hands-off and can run on autopilot, which is time-saving.

It’s super practical and goes hand in hand with Ibotta as I like to combine the two of them and see how much I can save.

So make sure to download this app and start incorporating it into your shopping routine.

5. Amazon Coupons

amazon coupons

In case you didn’t, Amazon, the largest retailer brand in the world, offers its own coupons.

It is perfect for Amazon-only shoppers and Amazon Prime members, of which there are quite a few of them (actually, around 197 million people a month browse Amazon). Applying the coupon is as easy as clicking on the button before adding the product to your cart.

As you know, Amazon is quite extensive when it comes to product categories. So expect a broad list of items to have coupons.

I’m pretty sure you can find a gold mine of coupons in there.


The name gives it all up. is a trusted coupon aggregator site that can help you find coupons in your area.

You can find deals on pretty much anything. The first thing you’ll do once you join the website is to fill in your ZIP code information so can customize deals and find coupons based on your area.

You can either shop through their portal online or print out coupons and use them in grocery stores, pharmacies, general retailers, and such.

You can even download the app to stay up to speed with all the new coupons and deals. They also offer you the chance to get cash back by linking your credit card.


SlickDeals is one of the best coupon sites around. I say because it offers a lot of improvements over so many other popular coupon websites.

It’s more of a community than just another coupon website since members can also post deals they find while scouring the web. The SlickDeals forum is also a hub where you can find plenty of gems and interact with like-minded people on the hunt for online coupons.

In a nutshell, here’s what separates SlickDeals from the competition:

  • A wide range of categories and offers from groceries to travel to technology and much more.
  • Customizable front page dashboard that you can personalize according to the categories, deals, and shops that interest you the most.
  • A community forum that helps you find deals you want next to current freebies and deep discounts.

All in all, SlickDeals is one of the best coupon websites that focuses on community building.

8. RetailMeNot

Another popular coupon site with over 130,000 retailers and online stores, RetailMeNot provides a community at your disposal.

While the homepages show you the trending deals and coupons, you can use the search bar and look for coupons from any brand you want. RetailMeNot offers discounted gift cards and cashback opportunities, next to a RxSaver option to compare prices and save money at pharmacies.

RetailMeNot is probably the only website on this list that has a sister site called: RetailMeNot Everyday. It’s an extension to their original website intended for the basic everyday stuff we all need.

You can find plenty of printable coupons, so it’s worth checking out too.

9. Hip2Save

Hip2Save is an interesting coupon site. It was started by a stay-at-home mom trying to help out family and friends save more money. Now it has grown into one of the biggest coupon databases you can find online.

In a sense, it’s a family-run business for other families, so they understand the mentality of a person who’s looking for coupons.

The site offers coupons, deals, discounts, and exclusive sales events. You can also print coupons if you prefer to do so.

You can also become a Hip2Save inside, which allows you to get deals specifically for you without having to sift through thousands of coupons each day.

Besides, they have a daily newsletter, a phone app, and texting services to stay up to date with all the latest deals.

10. The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady is not just a coupon aggregator. It’s a resource for the beginner, pro, and extreme couponers all alike.

One great feature of the site is deal matchups, which show the best deals and discounts offered by a particular store. The matchups are updated daily, and you can expect to see online and printable coupons.

TKCL is one of the best sites to search for and learn about coupons.

11. Honey

Like CapitalOne Shopping, Honey provides a browser extension that can add existing coupons at checkout and check if the coupons are expired before you have to. It’s a hand-off tool that can save you not only money but a lot of time.

To be honest, Honey does nothing in particular that you and I can’t do, but consider it as an extra pair of eyes that will look after the things that you have no time to look after.

Needless to say that couponers need all the help they can get, and Honey is just that, help.

12. CouponCause

CouponCause offers a different input into couponing. They say that: “you save, we donate,” as CouponCause donates a portion of saving to charities supporting many diverse causes.

They offer plenty of coupons and promo codes from a wide array of stores and brands.

So if you want to add a “humane” touch to your couponing habits, CouponCause is the site for you.

13. Don’tPayFull

dontpayfull coupons site

Don’tPayFull is one of my go-to sites not just for offers and deals, but they do have a helpful blog with a lot of great money-saving tips in there.

This site offers millions of deals from over 100,000 brands and retailers, so you might want to use the navigation bar to search for the brand or the product you want to buy.

don'tpayfull website search bar

This site offers millions of deals from over 100,000 brands and retailers, so you might want to use the navigation bar up to search for the brand or the product you want to buy.

You can also get access to product deals, coupons, and discounts tailored for you by creating an account with Don’tPayFull.

14. Frugaa

Don’t be fooled by this site’s old, clanky, and retro look. Frugaa is one of the most versatile coupon sites around. Next to thousands of offers and discounts, Frugaa gives you a savings calculator tool that allows you to add your budget, and category of interest, and get the most suitable coupons for you and your budget.

The second feature that makes this site unique is its upvoting/downvoting system. Users can like or dislike a deal, and based on that rating you can gauge whether the deal is legit and worth snatching.

Frugaa upvoting/downvoting for coupons

Finally, Frugaa claims their average saving per user is $29 making it one of the highest savings potential on this list.

15. Wirecutter Deals

wirecutter deals page

The New York Times-owned company Wirecutter is one of the biggest review sites in the world. It is one of the few websites I make sure to check before I make a purchase.

They review everything from razor blades to phone cases. They have a deals page on their website that you can browse and get the best deals on really high-end products.

They have a dedicated deals team in place that scours the web looking for the best deals online. They have some really high standards of evaluating the discounts and coupons they come across.

They have a rigorous reviewing and qualification process, and they break down their entire process in this article.

Explaining The Different Types of Coupons

Now that you know the best coupon websites. The next step is to differentiate between the various types of coupons. Many beginner couponers find the terminology confusing.

To make life easier, know that there are only two types of coupons:

  • Manufacturer’s coupons
  • Store coupons

There are some other terms related to couponing, but these are the two major types you need to learn about.

Let’s go through the most important terms when it comes to couponing.

What is a Manufacturer’s Coupon?

Simply speaking, manufacturer coupons are coupons distributed by the creator of the product to promote it.

It’s a way of saying that only the creator of this product can distribute this coupon.

Since the coupons are released by the original company, you can use them at any store that accepts coupons.

What is a Store Coupon?

Store coupons are different from manufacturer coupons in that they are issued by stores and retailers only.

For example, a coupon for $1 off any toothpaste at Walmart is a store coupon, while $1 off any Crest toothpaste tube is a manufacturer coupon.

What is a Coupon Code?

Coupon codes or promo codes are the online versions of real-life coupons. It’s a code that consists of letters and numbers generated automatically, which you can apply at checkout at eCommerce and online stores.

What is a Printable Manufacturer’s Coupon?

Printable coupons are simply coupons that you need to print out from the website offering the coupon. You can only use these coupons once (for the most part), so there’s no need to try and make a copy of them or use them at multiple stores.

What is Cashback?

Cashback is a specific percentage of your money back in exchange for a purchase. Some stores will offer coupons before the purchase and cashback after.

Cashback usually operates with online shopping and credit card rewards. But you can find some cashback in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

How to Use The Money You Got From Coupons

Couponing to save money is a clever way to get ahead on your financial goals. When you plan your shopping and purchases around coupons, you can save a ton of money that will go to your bottom line. You can use the money you saved to pay off debt, build an emergency fund, invest, build an extra revenue stream, or maybe plan for your next vacation trip.

Building The Habit of Couponing

I’ll be the first to admit that couponing has its ups and downs. But one thing for sure, you don’t need to sift through trash bins and dumpsters to find them.

With all the websites and apps that exist for the sole purpose of learning and finding coupons, it’ll be a mistake not to take full advantage of it.

Start to incorporate planning into your shopping, make sure to use these websites and apps to help you do that, and watch your savings skyrocket like never before.


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