12 Ways To Get Paid To Test Products (and Receive Free Stuff)

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Back in the day, you’d have to know a lot of people in the marketing industry for you to be able to get paid to test products or even be told about them.

But ever since the dawn of the internet age, you only need to find the right websites that will pay you to test products.

Product testing can also be a good idea to make extra money or/and get some free stuff.

Why Do Companies Pay To Test Products?

It’s no secret that big and small brands today rely heavily on testing products before even attempting to put them on the market for consumers to buy.

This process enables them to figure out the advantages, the flaws, and the overall impact of their products, so they can eventually increase their overall sales.

How Do You Get Paid To Test Products?

It’s important to know that there are two types of products to test: 

  • Digital Products: like testing games, apps, websites, etc.
  • Physical Products: Cosmetics, food, beverages, tech, etc.

The sites below are a combination of both. Remember that not all of them will pay you to test products. Instead, some of them will let you keep whatever products you get as compensation.

With that being said, here are the best places to find paid product testing gigs.

1. Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers product testing gigs

Toluna is one of the best get-paid-to websites. They used to focus heavily on doing product testing, but now they have shifted their focus to online surveys and other rewards types of operations.

However, they still have the product testing area available from time to time, and they open the registration when they have a batch of products that they want to send out to testers.

Usually, they have anywhere between 200 to 500 samples of each product for testers to use. You can sign up by creating a free account and see if the registration area to test products is available.

To make sure you get the latest updates about when they open registration for product testing, subscribe to their email. With Toluna, you don’t just get paid to test products, but you get to keep whatever you got in exchange for filling out a survey about your experience using it.

Pretty generous, I might say.

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2. i-Say

get paid to test products with i-Say

The bulk of i-Say’s tasks come in the form of surveys that you can answer and get paid for your time.

But from time to time, they run testing trials and send products to selected individuals.

But as I have mentioned, the vast majority of their “tests” are done digitally by running surveys and panels for certain products, and customer behavior surveys.

Still, it’s worth keeping an eye out for when they have a batch of products to send out for testers.

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3. Click Research

get paid to test products click earch

Click Research is a product testing and survey site that’s been making some big moves recently. Next to getting paid to test products, you can get paid doing other things like answering surveys. The key to getting picked for product testing gigs is by being active on this platform.

By that, I mean participating in surveys and panels, updating your profile constantly, and staying alert to new opportunities that might arise. When you’re active on Click Research, your chance of receiving products to test is much higher.

Click Research pay based on a points system. When you complete surveys for click research, you’ll earn click points. For every 2500 points, you earn £25, and the more impressive thing about Click Research is that you get paid in British pounds, which equates to more in US Dollars.

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4. Alba Science

get paid to test products alba science

Alba Science is another product testing service that runs testing trials of high-end quality products for their testers. As you might have suggested already, they send out a lot of cosmetic products, so expect to be testing a lot of cosmetics with this one.

The way alba science works is simple you register on their websites and then check their site for all the new trials that they run regularly.

In addition to in-home testing, Alba Science has in-person clinical product testing that requires physical presence, so if you live in Edinborough UK, you’re in luck. From the reviews of people that have used this site, Alba Science seems to be a legitimate way to receive quality products for free.

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5. McCormick & Company

get paid to test products with mccormick

If you enjoy tasting different food, then this one should be a treat for you. McCormick product testing panel gives you the chance to get paid to test different kinds of food. All you need to do is to apply to become a panelist, and once you do that, you will start receiving emails to join your studies. Make sure to join the studies as quickly as possible as the spots fill up rather swiftly. Typically, you do the tests at home, and they take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. You get paid $10-$30 per test in Amazon gift cards.

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6. Smiley360

get paid to test products with smiley360

If you love a box of free goods, you’ll love this one. Smiley360 doesn’t pay you in cash to test products, but you get a large box of samples and full-sized products that you get to keep. And after receiving the goods, you’ll need to complete the mission by sharing what you’ve got on social media. 

The way Smiley360 works is easy as you sign up on the website, complete your profile, then you’ll start getting surveys, and based on your answers, you might qualify for a mission. And when you accept their missions, you’ll receive a box full of products that is all yours to keep.  

If you stay active on the platform and keep completing missions and answering surveys, you’ll have a higher chance of receiving products regularly. 

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7. SampleSource

get paid to test products with samplesource

SampleSource is probably the easiest way to get free products. It’s one of my favorite places to get free products for the simple fact that you don’t have to do anything except for signing up and waiting for the goods to arrive. 

SampleSource sends samples about four times a year. Each shipment has anywhere from 6 to 12 different products. You can expect to get cosmetics, food, health products, and so on. They don’t say when they’ll be sending you the merch, but you can request to see when the products are available, then wait till they arrive in the mail. If you love #freestuff, this one is definitely for you. 

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8. CrowdVille

get paid to test crowdville with mccormick

Founded in Italy, CrowdVille is a digital product testing website that’s focused on testing all the new and cool apps. They offer you the ability to test apps, and you get paid to do it. When you register for Crowdville, you can browse their missions section.

Missions are assignments that you do by following the instructions outlined by the platform. Now don’t worry, you’ll have a pilot training mission to make sure you know what to do when you’re on a real mission. If you love discovering new apps and tech services in general, then you need to check Cro

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9. BetaTesting

Similar to CrowdVille, BetaTesting pays you to test digital products before they go out on the market. BetaTesting advertises that you get paid $10 per test and that they have five or more testing opportunities each month. But that depends on the quality of the evaluations you provide, so the better you do on assessments, the higher your chance of getting more tests

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10. Product Report Card

Product Report Card is a website that offers paid online surveys and, from time to time, product testing opportunities. Once you’ve registered with them, they will start sending you surveys and product testing notifications. You can also make money by reviewing the information on other existing products. You get paid cash for all the tasks you do or in the form of Amazon vouchers once you reach the $25 threshold.

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11. Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA is unique because they are probably the only website on this list (and outside of it) that sends expensive stuff. I’m talking Galaxy phones, Playstations, Xboxes, iPads, vacuums, and the list goes on. They operate a little differently, though. They choose testers randomly from a pool of testers. All you’ve got to do to register is to check their website, enter your name and email, and then check your email regularly to see if you were selected. Also, I suggest you keep up with their socials to get the latest updates on their product testing opportunities.

12. Nike

nike product testing

In case you haven’t heard, Nike, the biggest apparel brand in the world, does product testing regularly. The good thing is that you get to try out new stuff that hasn’t even been out to the public yet. The downside is that Nike would take the products from you once the period of trial is over. Mind you that you’ll have to sign NDAs to keep the whole process confidential. So, if you’d like to go forward with this experience, head to their Voice of the Athlete section here

Other prominent brands with a similar process to Nike you can test for: 

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Get Paid To Test Products FAQ

Are Product Testers Legit?

Definitely. There are a lot of companies that will pay to get their products tested. Now, unless they are asking for you to pay upfront or give banking information, there’s nothing you can lose trying some of these out.

How Do I Become a Product Tester?

There are a lot of ways to go about this. There’s no one fits all approach. You can sign up in-person for product testing gigs in your area, or look online for product testing gigs, or you can become an influencer, and then companies will start reaching out to you with their products.

What Kind of Products Are Available for testing?

There’s not one kind of product that you can say is popular, as it all depends on the company or brand you’re working for. But there are a couple of categories in which companies run tests, these categories include: 

  • Cosmetics, skincare, beauty products
  • Tech
  • Food and beverages 
  • Apparel and footwear

I see these categories being the most dominant ones as they run and need a lot of testing due to the nature of the product and business they operate within.


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