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Micro-jobs sites and services have to be one of the easiest ways to earn some cash on the side. But like everything else, it has its highs and lows. On the bright side, micro-jobs or tasks are flexible, easy to do, and they mostly pay on the same day or close. 

Want to turn your phone from a source of entertainment to an source of income? If so, This post is for your then. Learn about the best money making apps to end the mindless scrolling and start making cash. 


“Money doesn’t buy happiness.” I feel so indifferent about this cliché. I agree that money in itself doesn’t buy happiness, but having enough can eliminate a lot of pressure, stress, anxiety, and the other million problems caused by not having enough money. Making extra money can put you on the path to happiness, or at least get rid of the obstacles that might stand in the way.


In this step-by-step guide, I show how simple starting a podcast should be. 

With budget in mind, we’ll go deep into the technical stuff as well as the most abstract matters like growing a podcast and monetizing it. 

If your goal is to start a podcast and make a business out of it, you’ll get a lot of value from this guide.